Business Development Ideas for FE


With income generation being a topical subject for Further Education at the moment the latest report in our series based on communications in Further Education focuses on Business Development Ideas for the sector.

This report takes a look at companies like Google, You Tube, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft, Groupon, Amazon and others to explore some of the practices that they are employing to facilitate growth under the current tough economic conditions. We take a look at some of the underlying principles that enable such growth and suggest ways that FE might be able to adapt these methods for their own business development plans.


We are delighted to be collaborating with Hubspot on this report. Hubspot are one of fastest growing companies in the US, having grown 6,000% since 2007 with their marketing software system. Hubspot’s CEO, Brian Halligan, is also the author of “Inbound Marketing”.

Inbound Marketing

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"This new report from SOLUS is worth a few moments reflection and consideration for all of us in FE. Whether we are striving to maximise alternative income streams or promote ourselves in what can appear a crowded marketplace I believe the report certainly throws up some questions for ourselves. The research demonstrates that between us we have 1,274 commercial enterprises at 1,298 sites which are open to the public. With our collective drive to be centres of enterprise and entrepreneurship, it is a timely reminder of our collective brand identity."

Mike Gaston, Principal, Totton College

“This report includes welcome and timely advice on, among other things, maximising the impact of College websites and ensuring Colleges are visible across the suite of Google products, in particular Google maps. The overview of College commercial outlets is a revealing study of the entrepreneurship within Colleges, their commitment to professional practice in vocational education and their social and economic impact.”

Ben Verinder, Communications Director, AoC